About us

Core offers the perfect blend of pragmatism and invention, from a team of highly experienced, hands-on ideas people, who work with you to solve your business problems. Core delivers strategies and creative solutions which help move our clients' businesses and brands to a position of commercial advantage.

Who we are

The Core team is a group of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds, united by a desire to work closely with clients to help them address their marketing challenges.

How we work

We love collaborating with our clients, working together to solve your business problems. We're not about hand-balling you to junior staff - our size enables the best people to become an integral part of your team for the long term.

What we don't believe in

Unlike traditional agencies, we don’t believe that the answer to every marketing problem need be advertising or a new digital thingamyjig. Solution before media selection, always.

Why we'll make a difference

By digging deeper and putting our clients’ ambitions at the heart of our thinking we’ve delivered inspiring commercial solutions for their brands and organisations.