How to inform and engage responsible bar-goers of new laws being forced on venues, in a bid to counter alcohol-related violence.

The Core Idea

Our idea to engage and rally the overwhelming majority of bar-goers, the responsible drinkers, to speak up against the harsh new restrictions and add their names to an online petition.

We created a microsite, dontpunishus.com.au, and integrated it with social media platforms and mobile technology so people could simply join the cause and share the message across their social groups.

The multi-channel media and experiential campaign we created and produced deployed activation teams in venues with cameras that took photographs of willing patrons to join the petition. These numbers were further boosted with the ability of people to join the campaign using the cameras on their smartphones.

The campaign, from concept to producing the website and managing the on-premise activations was delivered in market in just three weeks.


The results were over 35,000 photographs and names of responsible bar-goers on the petition that was handed to the NSW State Premier, plus seven days straight front page media coverage. In the following weeks the reactionary laws were amended as a consequence of social media and mainstream pressure. The campaign vastly exceeded expectations and the original petition target of 5,000 people was surpassed in the first week.

“The front page news the campaign attracted was one of the key factors in the project’s success.”

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