New road SA safety campaign for QBE Insurance

Posted on 24/08/2018 under Advertising & Branding, Digital & Social Media, Strategy

We launched a major road safety campaign today for QBE Insurance in South Australia. Creative work we are all very proud of! Read the press release below…

QBE Insurance has launched a major new Road Safety campaign in South Australia as part of its commitment to reducing the state’s road toll. It’s the highest per capita in Australia, with 100 fatalities recorded last year—a 16 per cent rise on the previous year.

With this in mind, The Core Agency developed an integrated suite of work aiming to tell the importance of road safety through a child’s voice.

In developing the strategic approach for the campaign, The Core Agency applied behavioural science theories, showing how people are more likely to make changes when large tasks are broken down into small individual ones, to appear less daunting.

People are also more likely to make positive changes if their kids ask them to, (quit smoking, drink less, eat healthier) so why not the same when it comes to driving?

The creative idea was to place South Australian children at the heart of the campaign to draw on the emotional connection with their parents. The overarching message is that if we all change one small thing about the way we drive, we can all be safe on the roads.

To bring the idea to life, The Core Agency reached out to a class of Adelaide school children, to not just appear in the creative, but also help make it. The video ad they created was then revealed to their parents at a special event at their school.

Within the creative, the children share their treasured moments captured in family photographs. These photos then become a visual metaphor for cars – crashing into trees, lamp posts, and each other. Shot in super slow-motion, the visual is intended to show how much devastation a vehicle impact can have, in particular on the families involved.

The campaign launches Thursday 23 August and will be rolled out across South Australian commercial TV, press, digital, social and website integration.

Christian Finucane, Founder & Creative Partner at The Core Agency said: “Road safety is a vital topic that demands personal relevance to truly engage people. Engaging children as the voice for the message gives the work a huge emotional impact.”

Bettina Pidcock, Chief Customer Officer at QBE Australia & New Zealand said: “There’s nothing more important than keeping our roads safe for everyone. We hope the authenticity of this content will help this critical message cut through to drivers and encourage them to make small commitments to changing their behaviour.”


Client: QBE Insurance
CEO Australia & New Zealand: Vivek Bhatia
Chief Customer Officer: Bettina Pidcock
Senior Marketing Manager: Gabby Tyler
Marketing Partner: Rob Jones

Agency: The Core Agency
Creative Partner: Christian Finucane
Creative Partner: Jon Skinner
Strategy Director: Simon Rich
Senior Copywriter: Kevin Macnamara
Senior Art Director: Simone Parravicini
Managing Director: Jane Callister
Senior Account Director: Rebecca Scott
Senior Account Manager: Joseph Rosslind
Senior Producer: Bill Doig
Producer: Apple Stuart

Production Company: Revolver / Will O’Rourke
Director: The Glue Society / Pete Baker
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Simpson
Managing Director / Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer / Head of Projects: Josh Mullens
Producer: Nicole Crozier
Producer: Jasmin Helliar
Production Designer: Enzo Iacono

Photographer: Josh Geelen

Offline Post: The Glue Society Studios
Editor: Luke Crethar
Online Post / Grade: Vandal – Senior Producer Sarah Dicks
Audio Post & Music: Otis Studios – Lukas Farry and Alejandro Gomez

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