Pet Circle had grown to become Australia’s largest online pet supplies retailer using digital and search media, but the business needed a meaningful brand to go to the next level.
The opportunity was to create an emotionally engaging brand, one with a purpose that expresses the special connection we have with our furry friends.

Core Idea

Like all Core Ideas, the one we created for Pet Circle was more than advertising. Starting with a contemporary new visual identity, the brand threw its arms around every consumer touchpoint including the website, eDMs, catalogues, social conversations – right through to the packaging that the products get delivered in.
The idea we created was, ‘Pet Circle. Nourish Them’.
It captures the insight that pet owners want to give their animals the best they possibly can. And that’s not just more nutritious food, but feeding them with love, play and the right healthcare. The idea also leverages the trend by pet owners who are moving away from basic supermarket pet food brands to products that are better and healthier for their pets.


The ‘Pet Circle. Nourish Them’ idea has been adopted by every aspect of the business, from communications and advertising channels to the t-shirts worn by the warehouse crew.
The advertising had an immediate impact, with the TV spot delivering over 600 new customers after airing once on the first day of the campaign.

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