QBE has sponsored of the Sydney Swans for over 30 years, plus the NSW Swifts netball and Perth Glory football for long tenures also. The challenge was how can we leverage these sponsorships while promoting QBE’s commitment to customer service?

Core Idea

We created a campaign around QBE’s Core Idea – 100% Commitment.

Using the brand’s animated style, we created a campaign of TVCs, online videos and social clips that showed the random bounces of a footy ball as an analogy for the unpredictability of life.

The animations show the calamity caused by the footy ball as it bounces from one scene to the next. An iconic music track, ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain was used to amplify the cut-through.

The films are resolved with the QBE brand character, Penny, catching the ball before it can do any more damage.


The campaign was launched on the stadium screen at season launch game at the Swan’s home ground. In post campaign research the work achieved a remarkable likeability score of 90%.

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