RSVP is Australia’s largest dating brand, though it faces significant competition from the new mobile swiping apps and other niche dating brands.

We needed to build on the previous year’s ‘Find a keeper’ campaign to further communicate that RSVP is the place to be matched with quality singles.

While most dating apps create matches using a very rational algorithm, or from a mutual swipe based solely on visual appearance, RSVP uses a rational and emotional measures to best match people.

Core Idea

Our idea was to create a campaign of TVCs with a series of scenes that show a newly dating couple. Each scene shows that special moment when one of them realises they have found a keeper. Each of the moments is punctuated with the ‘Hallelujah!’ chorus to add to the emotion and comedy.


The campaign has not been in market long enough to determine its effect on the brand. In terms of creative awards, it has been shortlisted at The One Show in New York and also at AWARD in Australia.

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