Regardless of how far away they live, many Sydneysiders don’t consider parking at the airport when they travel because parking there is not seen as convenient or affordable.

Core Idea

We wanted to flip the assumption that you always get a taxi or lift to the airport by building awareness of parking at Sydney Airport as a smarter option. We decided to make Sydney Airport Parking a sub-brand and thus a simple tangible choice in people’s minds.

Using the cheerful line, ‘Easy-peasy parking’, our new creative work positions Sydney Airport Parking as an approachable, simple, easy and user-friendly option. The campaign imagery uses a world of toy die-cast cars to convey the ease of parking at the airport.


While the ‘Easy-peasy parking’ campaign has only been in market for a short time, both initial brand tracking and sales results have improved. In fact, since launch in mid 2015 revenue growth increased by an estimated 9%.

Following the successful launch, Core was also tasked with overhauling the Sydney Airport Parking online user experience. We simplified the booking process, graphic interface and eDM / CRM to deliver an online experience in-line with the new ‘Easy-peasy’ brand.

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