We won the pitch from a ‘shortlist’ of over 20 agencies to create the brand strategy and visual identity for Australian Marriage Equality. The opportunity was to create a brand that would unify and motivate the ‘YES’ vote in the proposed plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

Core Idea

The new brand needed to instantly reach out to all Australians from Darlinghurst to Dubbo, regardless of their age, gender or sexual choice.

The issue of same-sex marriage can be polarising in mainstream Australia, so we created the brand making EQUALITY front and centre. It’s a promise that most fair-minded people find hard to deny others.

We designed the identity on an existing unified form that Australians can relate to – the states and territories coming together to unite Australia. The signature rainbow colours of the movement were used to create an instantly recognisable moniker.


The success of the YES EQUALITY brand identity can be measured in how many different groups have adopted it to badge their individual campaign activity. While Australian Marriage Equality was the commissioning client, the actual campaign is made up of hundreds of different community, corporate, grassroots and organised groups right across the country.

The identity we created has been universally adopted.

From Kylie Minogue wearing a branded t-shirt to TV commercial end frames, everywhere on social media to street posters.

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